What I'm Reading: Breaking Down Barriers: Housing, Neighborhoods, and Schools of Opportunity

Breaking Down Barriers: Housing, Neighborhoods, and Schools of Opportunity, in Insights into Housing and Community Development Policy, published by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Office of Policy Development and Research, is about how high-poverty schools face many barriers to success and that communities should encourage various strategies that enable low-income students to live in lower-poverty neighborhoods while also revitalizing central city neighborhoods.  

Here is the link to this article: HUD--Breaking Down Barriers

Higher Rents in City Core Push Poor Out

Some neighborhoods in the ZIP codes where housing subsidies are increasing have high concentrations of people with low-income jobs, according to the research done for the Dispatch series “Dividing Lines” in March. The series highlighted the increasing concentration of wealth and poverty in the region.

Low-income Student Opportunities: Plan moves kids into suburbs

A group of affordable-housing advocates is raising money for a $5 million pilot program that will move 100 inner-city families into suburban school districts in an attempt to give them more opportunities.

The Move to PROSPER project will give low-income families with children 13 or younger a chance to live in more upscale neighborhoods.